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"While governments are still wrangling to agree on urgently scaling up mitigation ambition to bend the temperature curve closer to 2˚C and keep 1.5˚C global temperature goal alive, the IPCC has warned us that there is a serious chance of surpassing that lower goal within next two decades. Countries’ pledges to date only put us on track for 2.7°C warming by end of this century. It is high time to brace ourselves for this worst eventuality."

Hina Rabbani KHAR

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

Hina Rabbani Khar currently serves as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. She started public service in 2002, directly elected from Muzzafargarh. Since then, she has been twice elected for Parliament, both from Pakistan People Party’s platform. She has served as Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Minister of State for Finance, and Minister of State for Economic Affairs. Her term as Foreign Minister is best remembered for the ‘Regional Pivot’ to Pakistan’s foreign policy, where she concentrated on building ties with Pakistan’s immediate neighbours. This included the normalization of trade relations with India and a policy of reaching out to all political parties and ethnicities in Afghanistan. Her tenure in Finance & Economic Affairs led Pakistan’s bilateral and multilateral economic diplomacy. Hina Rabbani Khar graduated from the prestigious Lahore University of Management and Sciences with a BSC in Economics and later received her Masters in Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Hina Rabbani KHAR
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