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JAWAPOS: Experts Call for Global Moratorium on Earth's Climate Geoengineering Efforts

By Aulia Ramadhani | 14 September 2023 - Global experts urge the government to implement a moratorium on efforts to geoengineer the earth's climate due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions and the ongoing climate crisis.

Reporting from The Guardian, although geoengineering is very controversial, discussions regarding its feasibility are increasing along with the impact of extreme weather caused by climate damage that is hitting the earth.

There is no global agreement on geoengineering and no rules regarding what a country or business can do.

In a report published on Thursday, the Climate Monitoring Commission called on governments to stop using fossil fuels.

The government should also allow academics to investigate the possibilities of geoengineering , especially in the form of managing solar radiation.

But governments should not undertake such activities, the panel warned because of the dangers posed by tampering with the global climate in ways that are not yet well understood.

Pascal Lamy, former chairman of the World Trade Organization (WTO) who chairs the Climate Overshoot Commission, expressed his opinion.

"It is not inevitable that world temperatures will exceed 1.5C, the global temperature limit that has been agreed by governments, but the possibility is increasing, it depends on what we do," he said.

Geoengineering itself is a term that can cover everything from reforesting large tracts of land to sequester more carbon, painting house roofs white to make them more reflective, or seeding the oceans with iron to grow more plankton and absorb more carbon.


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