"Politicians must learn the reality of climate change and must know the options to cut the emissions. Politicians need to know the science in order to make the right decision for the people. We must pay attention to what our grandchildren and their grandchildren will face if we cannot achieve the target. It will no longer be a science fiction for them."

Kono Taro

member of the House of Representatives; former Minister for Foreign Affairs, of Defence, and for Administrative Affairs of Japan

KONO Taro, has been a Member of the House of Representatives since 1996. Among the government positions he has held are Foreign Minister, Defense Minister, Minister for Administrative Affairs, Minister in charge of the National Police Organization, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety, Minister for Disaster Management and Minister in charge of COVID vaccine roll-out. Taro is a graduate of School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. He is Chairman of the Japan Race Horse Association and was Chairman of the Shonan Bellmare, the 1995 Asia Champion Soccer Club. He is married to Kaori and has a son, Ippei.

Kono Taro