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PRESS TRUST OF INDIA: Wealthy nations should hasten emission reduction to avert 1.5 deg C overshoot

By PTI | 14 September 2023

New Delhi, Sep 14 (PTI) The world must rapidly intensify efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out fossil fuels to avoid overshooting the critical 1.5-degree Celsius threshold set in the Paris Agreement, according to a new report released by the Climate Overshoot Commission.

The report by the global think tank, which focuses on developing strategies to reduce the risk of overshooting the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold in warming, called for a differentiated phase-out of fossil fuels, considering each country's unique needs and level of development.

It urged wealthy nations to hasten the reduction of their emissions and work toward achieving net-negative targets which would involve removing more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere than they emit by 2050. This would create space for less industrialised countries to pursue clean energy transitions while addressing poverty and development challenges.


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