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Event: 'How can we reduce the risks of climate overshoot in developing economies?' A discussion with Commissioner Anote Tong, moderated by Youth Engagement Member, Yuv Sungkur, 14 February 2024

Event, 'Solar radiation modification in the United States: A Discussion' Commissioner Beinecke, 24 January 2024

Side Event “Reducing the risks of Climate Overshoot” Panel at COP28, Commissioners Lamy, Rabbani Khar, Tubiana and Kalibata. Dubai, UAE, 3 December - Playback starts at 7:18:15

Panel at the Paris Peace Forum ‘Climate Overshoot risks: building coherent and collaborative responses’ Chair Lamy and Commissioner Gonzalez, 10 November

Press Conference, Launch of the Commission's Report in NYC

14 September 2023

Event “Perspectives on Solar Radiation Modification Governance” by the Geneva Environment Network, Geneva, Switzerland, Chair Lamy, 12 October 2023

JFK Jr. Forum at Harvard Kennedy School, Boston/Cambridge, 19 September 2023: Commissioners Khar and Beinecke

"Why did climate overshoot matter?" Commissioner Kim Campbell, TEDx talk, 8 May 2023

Guest Lecture “Reducing the Risks of Potentially Exceeding 1.5 °C Warming” at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 10 February 2023: Commissioner Gonzalez held a guest lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Indonesia

Roundtable “Climate Overshoot Debates” at the Paris Peace Forum, Paris, 12 November 2022: Chair Lamy & Commissioner Gonzalez

Panel “What can be done if—and when—global warming exceeds the Paris Agreement goals?” at the Paris Peace Forum, Paris, 12 November 2022:

COC panel discussion at the fifth Paris Peace Forum on the possible overshoot of the Paris Agreement goal. Chair Lamy, Commissioners Gonzalez and Kalibata 

CARE Agenda to reduce climate overshoot risks a discussion with Kim Campbell and Pascal Lamy, in conjunction with the Geneva Graduate Institute. 05 February 2024

Post COP28 - High Level Event “Action to accelerate fossil fuels phase-out” Commissioner Campbell, 20 December 2023

Side Event “Reducing the risks of Climate Overshoot: Recommendations of the Climate Overshoot Commission '' Panel at COP28, Commissioners Lamy and Rabbani Khar. Dubai, UAE, 5 December 2023

Panel at the Paris Peace Forum ‘Global Goal on Adaptation: capacity-building and resilience to climate change’ Commissioner Rabbani Khar, 11 November

Event “Global Dialogue on Climate Cooperation and Governance” by the Institute for Sustainable Development Goals & the Center for Industrial Development & Environmental Governance at Tsinghua University, and the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G), virtual, Commissioner Xue and Science Advisor Thelma Krug, 19 October 2023

Event “How can we prepare for a Climate Overshoot?” by Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs, Paris, France, Commissioners Lamy, Tubiana and Gonzalez, 18 October 2023

Solar Geoengineering Conference by Resources for the future, Washington D.C., 28 September: Commissioner Campbell joined a panel “Report of the Climate Overshoot Commission” with Prof. Jonathan Wiener, William R. and Thomas L. Perkins Professor of Law at Duke Law School

“Global Trade in a Decarbonizing World” Chair Lamy with Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast, 27 June 2023 with host Jason Bordoff (Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA)

Private Event with KEPSA - AGRA, Nairobi, 3 May 2023: Chair Lamy and Commissioners Calderon and González participated in a High-Level Panel, in partnership with AGRA & Kenya Private Sector Alliance, to discuss global strategies on climate change solutions.

Panel “Assessing Solar Radiation Modification” at the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Accelerator Summit, Geneva, 12 October 2022:

Chair Lamy joined the annual GESDA Summit 

Side-event “Climate Overshoot Commission: reducing the risks of potentially exceeding 1.5 °C warming” at COP27, Sharm El Sheikh, 17 November 2022: Chair Lamy was joined by Commissioners Campbell and Xue

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